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Making string concatination readable in JavaScript

At Laracon EU Frank De Jonge gave a talk on modern JavaScript development. It struck a cord with me. On a project I’m currently working on I’m learning a bit of React and using some of these neat new JavaScript features.

One of those features is called template strings. It allows you do make string readable in somewhat the same way this can be done in php. In the past you probably have concatinated your strings like this:

var logMessage = 'A ' + user.type + ' with e-mailaddress ' + user.email + ' has performed ' + action + ' on ' + subject + '.',

In the latest version of JavaScript you can write that statement like this:
var logMessage = `A ${user.type} with e-mailaddress ${user.email} has performed ${action} on ${subject}.`

To my eyes this is much more readable. Just remember to use the backticks instead of quotes. There’s a lot more to know about template strings. Here’s an excellent article on the subject.

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