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Easily convert images with Glide

Glide is an easy to use image manipulation library by Jonathan Reinink. It was bumped to version 1.0.0 a few days ago. Glide can created optimized images on the fly by levering url’s such as /img/users/1.jpg?w=300&h=400&fit=crop. Take a look at the example in the Glide documentation to know more.

I think Glide provides a very nice API to create image manipulations. Unfortunately it isn’t very easy to use the API to generate an image using code. So I created a little package for that called laravel-glide. All new major versions of Spatie packages will require PHP 7, laravel-glide is no exception to this.

Here’s an example of how to create a greyscale version image with a maximum width of 50 pixels.

    ->modify(['filt'=>'greyscale', 'w'=> 50])

Take a look at Glide’s image API to see which parameters you can pass to the modify-method.

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