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Make Composer and npm lightning fast

Jack McDade, who designed the laravel.com and laracasts.com sites, shares some tips on how to make composer and npm much faster.

Whenever I run composer install or npm install I feel like an old man yelling at young punks to get off my lawn. Especially ever since npm3. I’ll save you the bitter diatribe and just get to the solution. But first, the problem.

Creating, distributing, maintaining, and consuming third-party dependencies was supposed to make us more productive and our lives easier. Instead, I feel like I spend more time waiting than coding.

So I dug and dug until I found solutions, as one does, and now I’m sharing them with you.


Freek Van der Herten is a partner and developer at Spatie, an Antwerp based company that specializes in creating web apps with Laravel. After hours he writes about modern PHP and Laravel on this blog. When not coding he’s probably rehearsing with his kraut rock band. He loves waffles and butterflies.