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Protect your server with fail2ban

Jens Segers wrote an interesting little article about fail2ban. This piece of software prevents unauthorized pundits from accessing your server. You’ll be happy to know that is installed by default on Forge.

The first thing I do on every server is set up the firewall so that all ports except for the SSH port are blocked from incoming requests. But with the SSH port unprotected, you still want it to be protected from illegitimate access, right? This is where fail2ban comes in. Fail2ban will automatically ban IPs that show the malicious signs such as too many password failures, seeking for exploits, etc.


Freek Van der Herten is a partner and developer at Spatie, an Antwerp based company that specializes in creating web apps with Laravel. After hours he writes about modern PHP and Laravel on this blog. When not coding he’s probably rehearsing with his kraut rock band. He loves waffles and butterflies.
  • Max Hutschenreiter

    Thanks for this Article. You said its installed on forge Server? But it’s not configured or?



    • To my knowledge it is configured. If you have an question on this, it’s best to ask Taylor on Larachat / Twitter