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A full web request may be faster than a SPA

At this years Chrome Dev Summit Jake Archibald gave an excellent talk on some new features that are coming to the service worker. In case you don’t know, a service worker is a piece of JavaScript that sits between the network request sent by the JavaScript in your browser and the browser itself. A common use case for a service is to display a custom page when there is no internet connection available instead of showing the default error message in your browser. And of course you can use a service worker to have a high degree of control on how things are cached.

I really like Jake’s presentation style in general. He always injects a lot of humour. This time he’s presenting in a tuxedo, with no shoes on and he uses a Wii Controller to control his slides. Go Jake!

A very interesting part of the talk is when he touches on the time needed to display a page. Turns out a full web request can be a faster than a fancy single page application. Watch that segment on YouTube by clicking here.

Or you can choose to just watch the whole presentation in the video below.

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