PHPStorm is the application I'm working in most of the time. So I want it to be as pretty as it can be. Right out the box PHPStorm contains two bat shit ugly themes: the default white one and the slightly better Darcula.

Fortunately for all PHPStorm users out there long time Laravel community member Dayle Rees showed us the way to the light! A few years ago he created an abundance of colour schemes that are a pleasure to the eye. You can view all the schemes on the demo page.

More recently Dayle created a new colour scheme called Material Peacock. This is what it looks like:


Very nice! Almost everywhere I open up PHPStorm people ask what that theme is, so I'm certainly not the only one who digs it. At this year's PHP UK Conference a PHPStorm-engineer from Jetbrains said it was the most beautiful theme he ever saw in his own product.

You find instructions on how to install the theme (made by Chris Magnussen) and the colour scheme in Dayle's Material Peacock repo on GitHub.