Today we released our new package called laravel-blade-javascript. It provides you with a javascript Blade directive to export PHP variables to JavaScript. So it basically does the same as Jeffrey Way's popular PHP-Vars-To-Js-Transformer package but instead of exporting variables in the controller our package does it a view.

Here's an example of how it can be used:

@javascript('key', 'value')

The rendered view will output:

<script type="text/javascript">window['key'] = 'value';</script>

So in your browser you now have access to a key variable:

console.log(key); //outputs "value"

You can also use a single argument:

@javascript(['key' => 'value'])

Which will output the same as the first example.

You can also use the config file to set up a namespace where all exported JavaScript variables should reside in.

Want to learn more? Then take a look at the package on GitHub. You can find a list of packages we previously released on our site.