Today I released a new package called laravel-fractal. It provides a Fractal service provider for Laravel. If you don't know what Fractal does, take a peek at their intro. Shortly said, Fractal is very useful to transform data before using it in an API.

Using Fractal data can be transformed like this:

use League\Fractal\Manager;
use League\Fractal\Resource\Collection;

$fractal = new Manager();

$books = [['id'=>1, 'title'=>'Hogfather'], ['id'=>2, 'title'=>'Game Of Kill Everyone']];

$resource = new Collection($books, new BookTransformer());

$array = $fractal->createData($resource)->toArray();

The laravel-fractal package makes that process a tad easier:

   ->transformWith(new BookTransformer())

The package has support for Fractal's serializers. All available options are explained in the readme.

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