Eric L. Barnes, the curator of Laravel News, recently launched his new website called dotdev. It aims to be a resource for developers who want to read quality reviews and tutorials amongst other things.

Although the site in general doesn't focus on Laravel, Eric wrote a good introductory post for people who are new to the framework. Unlike most beginner level articles, it focuses on creating a real world application.

My goal with this is to create a guide for those just learning the framework. It is setup to take you from the very beginning of an idea into a real deployable application. ... I am attempting to go through the process of creating a new application just as I would in a real world environment. In fact, the code and idea is taken from a project that I built.

For the first batch of posts on the site I made a playlist for coding late at night. Do you have something to share that would interest the readers of dotdev? Read these guidelines on guest posting first, and thenemail Eric.