Inspired by Edd Man's post on optional value control-flows I made a small Laravel package to optionally abort your application.

The package provides a  Spatie\OrAbort\OrAbort-trait that can be used on any class you want. All the methods of the class will gain orAbort-variant. When the original function returns a falsy value Laravel's abort-function will be called with code 404.

Why in the world would you want use this trait? If you use repositories you probably have written this kind of code:

[code language="php"] $article = $articleRepository->find($articleId) ?: abort(404)

By using this trait on your repository you can write it a bit more readable:

[code language="php"]
$article = $articleRepository->findOrAbort($articleId);

You can even add an extra parameter to specify an abort code:

[code language="php"] $article = $articleRepository->findOrAbort($articleId, 500);

If the `find`-function on your repository returns a falsy value Laravel will abort with status code 500.

The `orAbort`-trait uses the magic method `__call`. Do not use the trait on classes that already use that method call.

You can find the package on GitHub: <a href=""></a>