A few weeks ago the Frontend United Conference was held in Ghent, Belgium. The entire development team at Spatie attended the conference. Though it certainly was fun to go to a conference with the entire team we were left a bit underwhelmed. Some of the talks were very short and some speakers seemed a bit unprepared.

The organisers have begun posting video's of all sessions to YouTube. In my opinion the following three talks rose above the rest.

1: Harry Roberts gave a talk were he demonstrated that programming best practices apply to writing CSS as well.

2: Christian Heillman talked about web obesity and gave a few tips on how to optimize the size of images.

3: Mathias Bynens showed how unicode support in JavaScript is broken and what common pitfalls are when working with special characters. Rather than just complaining about it, he offered some kick ass self-made solutions.

(the video for this session hasn't been posted yet, this is a video of the same talk at another conference)