At Spatie, we have created a dashboard powered by Laravel, Pusher and Vue that displays a lot of information useful for our company. We opensourced the dashboard a while ago.

In a new post on his company blog Chris Sherry explains how they customized our dashboard.

We use Laravel because its a well-known framework among backend developers, meaning there’s a bigger community (including lots of open source libraries), great documentation and a tonne of experience of using the framework.

Vue.js is our first choice because it lets our frontend developers build components for a project without being to be locked into building the whole project on the framework, meaning we can use the right tools for the right job.

The fact that the Spatie dashboard used these meant that all the developers at CUBE would be able to build their own components for it, which was one of my key objectives.

It's really great to see that people customize and use our stuff!