Chris Fidao has created an easy to handle, well documented, Docker dev environment for Laravel projects. It's an excellent starting point if you want to have a taste of what Docker can do.

For the introductory newsletter:

I like Vessel the best for the following reasons: 1. It's installed per-project instead of globally. This lets me customize it per project if need be. 2. Docker lets me change out versions of software such as Nginx, MySQL, Redis, and others very easily. (I've often needed to use an older MySQL version at work) 3. Docker lets me add extra software (perhaps Beanstalkd for queues, or PgSQL for database) really easily 4. Docker containers are more like processes than VMs. They generally only use what resources they need (with some caveats, but even with those, they're lighter than Vagrant virtual machines) 5. I can fill up my workstation with one technology (Docker!) instead of many (PHP, Redis, MySQL, etc) with all their configuration files and data strewn about all over my file system 6. You can expand on your dev workflow to build up to a production workflow using all the same technology (Docker!) - You can check out Shipping Docker for my full course on bringing Docker from dev into production.