Earlier this month Glide joined The League of Extraordinary Packages. This package provides an easy way to generate image manipulations on the fly. Within a couple of hours I had integrated this wonderful package into both my company's legacy and current CMS.

The current CMS is based on Laravel. The Glide-integration is now  available as a package on github: freekmurze/laravel-glide.


Nothing too fancy, you’ll have to:

  • use composer to pull in the package
  • install a service provider
  • install a facade
  • publish a config file

Read the specifics on Github.


Assuming you've got an image named kayaks.jpg in app/storage/images (this directory can be customized in the config file) you can use this code in a blade view:

<img src=&quot;{{ GlideImage::setImagePath('kayaks.jpg')->setConversionParameters(['w'=> 50, 'filt'=>'greyscale']) }}&quot; />

The function will output an URL to a greyscale version of kayaks.jpg that has a width of 50 pixels. As soon as the URL gets hit by your browser, the image will be generated on the fly. The generated image will be saved in app/storage/glide-cache (= the cache directory specified in the input file).

The generated URL will also be signed to prevent jerks from generating unwanted manipulations.

The setConversionParameters-function accepts an array with conversion options. You can take a look at the image API of Glide to see which options are available.

It's also possible to generate an image directly on the server:

    ->setConversionParameters(['w'=> 50, 'filt'=>'greyscale'])