The past few months, I've been trying out some podcasts.  Listening to them is an easy way to learn about and  stay in touch with the sprawling range of topics that could interest a developer. These are my favourites:

The Laravel Podcast

The Laravel podcast focusses on Laravel (of course) and the latests trends in the PHP world. The podcast is hosted by Matt Stauffer. Jeffrey Way and Taylor Otwell are regular guests.  Recently the format of the show was changed: episodes are now around 30 minutes in length, which I think is great.

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Full Stack Radio

This podcast isn't narrowly focused on one subject.  In each episode Adam Watham interviews one guest.  Topics range from product design to system administration and everything in between. To give you an idea: the last episodes saw Adam Culp talking about conferences, Kent Beck about application architecture and Konstantin Kudryashov about BDD and TDD.

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Dev Discussions

In this podcast Shawn McCool talks with other webapplication dev's mainly about programming concepts. Past episodes touched functional programming, event sourcing, ActiveRecord and Datamapper. Shawn recently recorded a talk with Mathias Verraes and Ross Tuck. Let's hope it gets published soon.

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PHP Roundtable

The roundtable was created by Sammy Kaye Powers. On each episode several developers discuss various topics concerning PHP and it's ecosystem.

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I'm sure there are many other great podcasts out there. If you know one, please let me (and the other readers of this blog) know in the comments below.