At Spatie we do a lot of open source work. You can find a list of our packages on the open source section of our website. I'm proud to share that, according to Packagist, the Spatie packages have now been downloaded over 20 million times.

The rate at which they are being downloaded is growing too. In September 2016 we hit the 1 million mark. Earlier this year, in March, we celebrated 10 million downloads. Currently our packages are being downloaded about 80 000 times a day and roughly 1.7 million times each month.

It's teamwork! #

If you wonder how we managed to create such a rich open source portfolio while still doing client work, read this blogpost on why and how we create open source at Spatie.

I'd like to emphasis that reaching this number was teamwork. To stay in the loop of what we do regarding open source, you should follow each of our technical team members on Twitter:

Show me the packages! #

Here's a list of our currently most downloaded packages:

  1. laravel-permission (thank you Chris Brown for maintaining it)
  2. laravel-backup
  3. laravel-fractal & fractalistic
  4. image-optimizer
  5. laravel-medialibrary
  6. laravel-activitylog
  7. laravel-newsletter
  8. laravel-analytics
  9. browsershot
  10. array-to-xml

And we're not resting on our laurels. Only the past month we released five new packages:

  1. laravel-blade-x (very proud of this one)
  2. laravel-database-mail-templates
  3. nova-translatable
  4. laravel-validation-rules
  5. value-object

In closing #

If you appreciate what our team is down for both the PHP and Laravel ecosystems, consider supporting us via Patreon. We hope to uphold the quality of our work with your help. All pledges will be dedicated to allocating workforce on maintenance and new awesome stuff.