Christopher Pitt is starting a new business with Spark. Over at the Sitepoint blog he has posted a tutorial on how to get started with Taylor's latest creation.

I am really excited about Laravel Spark. By the time you read this, there will probably be a multitude of posts explaining how you can set it up. That’s not as interesting to me as the journey I’m about to take in creating an actual business with Spark! I have often wanted a way to quickly and painlessly transfer this application state from one server to another, and make automated offsite backups. So I’m going to set that up for myself, and perhaps others will find it useful enough to pay for it.

At Spatie, we're also in the process of creating or first SaaS based on Spark. That's why our package output will slow down a bit. It's too early to give any specifics on what we're building but I can already tell you that it's something very simple that we need at the company ourselves. Thanks to Spark we can open our solution up to other users. You'll hear more about it in a month or so.

Still on the topic of Spatie, maybe you've noticed that our company website is in Dutch. So most of you can't understand a single word on it. That's going to change in the near future: besides building a SaaS our team is in the process of creating a new website. This time there will be an English version.

Exciting times!