For the past few years Spatie, the company where I work, has released many Laravel and PHP packages. Those packages are primarily built to be used in our own projects. We do not operate in a void. We have a community around us. They use our work. They help to make our packages better by submitting issues and opening pull requests.

Today we hit a remarkable landmark. According to Packagist the combined download count of our packages has crossed the 10 million mark. We want to celebrate this achievement and thank our contributers. We've launched a site where each contributor can lookup which contributions he or she made. You can find it here:

What's even more amazing is the download rate. Two weeks ago Packagist reported that our packages get downloaded 1 million times each month. That number is rising rapidly. At this pace we'll we'll hit the 20 million downloads mark by the end of this year, or early next year.

Some people have told us that our company is special. It's not. We're a 6 person company. We simply love what we do. We work a bit on open source every single day. If you want to know more about how our open source story started and how we manage things, read this blogpost.

On the opensource pages of our company website, you'll find lists of each PHP, Laravel and JS package we've already released. We have some very cool things in our pipeline that we can't wait to show you. To all our contributors: thank you very much, you're all awesome!