Colin DeCarlo, a developer at Vehikl, wrote some thoughts on why PHP has a bad reputation in some circles.

People shitting on PHP isn’t going to go away, it’s a symptom of a few things. PHP has a ridiculously flat learning curve so just about anyone can write code using it, this means a lot of amateurs and ‘get it done’ developers will choose php but won’t really ever level up their skills when it comes to software development.

I agree with Colin on everything he writes in his post. I'm also thinking that the some of the reasons on why people don't like PHP apply to Laravel as well. In my mind Laravel is to PHP frameworks what PHP is to other programming languages. Both Laravel and PHP might not do everything by the "real programming rules", but it sure is easy to use. And when handled properly powerful and maintainable stuff can be built with it.

Because Laravel is an easy framework to get started with, it's a popular choice for newcomers. Even with almost no experience you can build an app. Some of those projects will go to production. If an experienced developer that uses another framework comes by and sees that Laravel app, it might be easy to conclude that the problem lies with Laravel, and not with the inexperience of the junior programmer who just begon his/her journey in coding.